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Paperwork assistance

The rather complicated procedure of attracting a foreign employee to work causes difficulties both for the employer and for his future worker. UB PRIME is not afraid of paperwork and will accompany the entire application process with provincial and federal authorities (LMIA or PNPs) in the best way.

Farm Fit

The result-oriented work largely depends on who is doing it. People always stand behind achievements. UB PRIME focuses on finding just the kind of employees whose experience and competence will satisfy the needs of the most demanding employers. Besides, when attracting truly skilled labour candidates, we also pay great attention to one’s personal qualities, which are equally crucial for establishing mutual understanding and entail long-term cooperation.

Dual approach

UB PRIME, while implementing recruitment projects for Canadian farms, always actively promotes the employer brand as well. Our dual approach is to ensure that both employers and employees would be able to get the most useful information and choose the perfect counterparty for themselves.

Guarantee Policy

We give a high priority to the development of stable and long-term relationships between employer and employee. However, there is always a human factor in the interaction between people, and for some reason, business relationships could be taking an unfavourable turn. In these circumstances, we will offer you free options for employee replacement within the period of the first 30 to 90 days.

LMIA application

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to obtain before hiring a foreign worker. UB PRIME facilitates applications for LMIA to its customers.

Free Agent Program

Are you looking for new job opportunities in Canada as a free agent? We can be helpful in this regard. Please provide us with your confidential CV without any employment costs for you. We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable job offer.

Settlement Assistance

To facilitate the first steps of foreign employees in Canada is what we have been doing successfully for years. UB PRIMEs` team takes care of all issues which are necessary for long-term well-being like getting a driver’s license, Social Insurance Number, Health Card, setting up a bank account etc.

Immigration Support

The Canadian immigration system is not easy. There are a lot of steps one has to take to apply successfully and to get approved for Canada immigration. UB PRIME immigration consultants assist foreign job seekers with all challenging application processes – from obtaining a work permit to applying for permanent residence for workers and their families.

Employee Post Arrival Support

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About our company

Our team has over 13 years of practical experience in pig, dairy, bison, greenhouse, hatchery farming in Canada, USA, Denmark, and Sweden that combined with deep knowledge in immigration regulations. Together with our extensive network of agents around the world, we will check the criminal, working, and personal background of the potential worker, so you will conduct interviews only with selected candidates, and of course, we will do LMIA for you as fast as possible these days.

Our goals are improving the situation with the labor shortage in Canada and making your company more profitable and successful. Good access to skilled staff can make the difference between your company and your competitors.

What Farmers say about us?

Everything is fast and highly qualified

Donna Wilson

Perfect team, they are always in touch with customers

Harold Ross

They assisted us with an LMIA application and also found a great employee

Cory Balan

They promptly found a skilled employee for my swine farm

Alyssa Reeves

I've enjoyed the cooperation with your team. I believe I will use your services when hiring employees in future

Adam Parks

Many thanks for qualified assistance in LMIA application

Richard Cook

I highly recommend this firm; they do their job in the best way

Jason Vestby

I have contacted UB Prime in regard to assistance with my LMIA. Just want to say thank you for quick and high-quality service

Jacob Hansen

Over the years, our small family-run business began to develop and grow at an increasing rate. We felt the need for additional employees. It is excellent that UB Prime assists us with the recruitment and registration of new employees

Chris Tremblan

With the first worker who came to my farm, we did not find common ground, but guys from UB Prime promptly invited a new one. Moreover, they do it for free

Evan MacDonald

We welcome a new employee to our team. Thanx UB Primes`guys!

Andrew Martin

One of my friends was highly satisfied with UB Prime's services and recommended this team to me. Today is my turn to give them my best references

Melissa Rayne

Thank you for the new skilled worker!

Alan Caron

With the opening of a new pig barn, my farm needed a young and ambitious team that could produce results from day one. I specified the criteria for selecting the employees I needed, and UB Prime performed everything in the best way and in a relatively short time

Victor Laan

My wife and I are tired of working hard on the farm every day and want to take more free time for ourselves. UB Prime has found us a qualified lead who manages our farm and shows positive results

Alan Nolan

Good job!

Christopher Gagnon

I don't have time to deal with the selection and registration of employees because of a hectic schedule. Entirely, there is a UB Prime to do this work perfectly

Christina Cosby

I know I can trust them!

Fred Jackson

Excellent prices and impressive results

Paul Reid

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